Through process mapping, we identify tools that allow you to most efficiently plan your warehouse operations. You can manage your day-to-day requirements, keep pace with your business changes and effectively prepare for your future, whatever you might have in mind. We look at the most vital aspects that are required for trouble free operation of your warehouse. When considering Warehouse Management Systems, we have business solutions that resolve most business problems.

At QCX Logistics our experience and dedicated team members can perform a gap analysis to match your warehouse requirements with a variety of different software applications to ensure you pick the one that is best for your business. The following outlines high level functionality that a typical WMS should perform:

  • Help assess staffing requirements based on volume and contents of inbound shipments
  • Engineer time standards to help determine how long it will take to unload each trailer
  • Prioritize trailers containing hot product and efficiently schedule appointments
  • Uses (RF) technology to ensure receipt information is available in real-time to the entire warehouse, the corporate supply chain and financial systems
  • Provide flexibility that allows customization of receiving processes
  • Valuable storage space is used as efficiently as possible
  • Put-away activity is radio frequency (RF) controlled with scan validation to ensure proper storage
  • Instant messaging through the scanner can be invoked for an operator to retrieve and put-away
  • Inventory Management
  • Monitor capacity in real time
  • Analyze demand and velocity, and whether the right product is in the right pick area
  • More effective Cycle counting, replenishment, moves, consolidation, inventory control, space utilization, vehicle
  • Management, labor tracking, security levels, productivity all accomplished more conveniently
  • A wide range of features ensures that every phase of fulfillment is efficient -- and under your control
  • Wave planning and order management lets you decide which orders are next in line, or automatically decides for you
  • Select orders using an unlimited combination of criteria, and save your criteria for future, error-free use
  • Easy-to-understand graphics help determine labor and vehicle requirements, which zones are impacted and estimated completion time before the work is sent to the warehouse floor
  • Support countless variations of pallet, case or each-picks
  • Extensive bar coding ensures that the correct item is picked into the correct container, allowing full tracking of all containers and their contents
  • Use of throughput models help control the flow of product through the distribution center
Loading and Shipping
  • Ensures the right product is on the right trailer, in the right order
  • Universal shipping capability; ship via Air, land or sea
  • Consolidation of shipping containers maximizes cube utilization and reduces overall freight charges
  • Reporting capabilities
  • All information is readily attainable
  • Access to historical data
  • Database parsing and linking

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