In today's marketplace, supply chain management demands proven tracking solutions for inventory, processes and materials. QCX Logistics can implement proven design systems for you that will deliver exceptional results and benefits. Asset Tracking Systems (ATS) is cost effective and coupled with modern technology provides a competitive advantage for organizations planning on increasing efficiency, security and customer service.

With increased global trade there are numerous opportunities for cargo fraud and theft. In North America Cargo theft is estimated at over $15 billion annually. With the emergence of GPS and GSM systems being more affordable and widely used, it allows asset based transportation companies to better track the locations of their containers, trailers, rental pallets and other transient items. In the event transportation assets are stolen, fleet owners are able to recover their equipment immediately, unfortunately usually with the freight already stolen, never again to be seen.

Who is Tracking Your valued Cargo?

At QCX Logistics we can design personalized and confidential tracking programs that will deter internal and external fraud. Studies have proven that less than 10% of all items stolen are recovered. 99% of trailers and container stolen are recovered usually without the items intact. Cargo theft leads only to frustrated customers, lost revenue and increased insurance premiums. At QCX Logistics we can design a program that will secretly track your freight from the shipper, consignee with hidden location unbeknownst to all employees and suppliers. Real time asset tracking technology has seamless management solution that delivers immediate supply chain visibility -connecting a company's resources to its information systems in real time.

Asset Tracking Systems provides innovative solutions for instantaneous location, tracking, and management of supply-chain resources. Using technologies driven by wireless tags, fixed position antennas and web-enabled software, ATS provides low cost, supply-chain visibility with proven efficiency and operating returns. Through perpetual monitoring of the unique wireless tag signal, ATS can pinpoint any item's exact location 24 hours a day by using radio frequency (RF) devices for tracking.

RF devices are attached and act like homing devices to track different types of company assets from the smallest parcel or package to the large trailer and containers. When used with containers, pallets, parts, and equipment, the Asset Tracking Systems can be used to manage inventory, track containers, monitor job orders, connect wireless call systems, locate property, ensure quality control, and provide personal safety. These web-enabled solutions seamlessly connect an enterprise's resources and assets to its information system in real time. With Asset Tracking System Technology, you have the power to control your costs and maximize your supply chain efficiency:

  • Improved Security
  • Lower insurance premiums & operating costs
  • Improved return-on-assets
  • Higher levels of customer service
  • Streamlined production staging
  • Better inventory control for all goods in warehouse and distribution centers
  • 3PL and Transportation suppliers are made more accountable

Our team can instantaneously locate tagged assets within ten feet, finding critical equipment and cargo has never been easier. If it moves MBX Global can track it. Contact us today to secure your tomorrow.

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