At QCX Logistics our customers appreciate our expertise in developing customized logistics solutions within the supply chain process. Our customers consist of manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers and shippers. When outsourcing parts of your supply chain to the right provider such as fleets and facilities it means that your products can move quickly through the supply chain to your end customer. Quick movement results in more efficient Supply Chains and a greater flow to your company’s bottom line.

QCX Logistics offers your business complete end-to-end shipping that takes the hassles out of managing vehicles, drivers, warehouses, liability, management and equipment. We combine truckload, contract carriage, distribution centre management and advanced supply chain technology to create and manage a custom transportation solution that is right for you. This allows your company to better utilize your resources that result in a higher return on your capital investments.

With our dedicated resources standing behind your company, you will increase efficiencies, reduce costs; improve service and more valued time to focus on the Core values of your company product or services.

Let us help you find a solution that meets your needs

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