Moving information, materials and products to the right place at competitive pricing has become increasingly complex. With our comprehensive range of solutions, QCX Logistics can enhance your company's ability to meet these market challenges. As an experienced Logistics & Supply Chain Management company, QCX Logistics can provide creative ways on how to reduce freight and product costs as well as improving service levels to streamline product flow. Our aim is to be an extension of your Traffic Department or your exclusive in-house Logistics Department. QCX Logistics is experienced and capable of providing committed and proven solutions that will give you the advantage over your competitors. Our business is to create flexible Logistics and Supply Chain solutions that synchronize your supply of products to the specific demands of your Customers and Suppliers.

QCX Logistics provides its clients with expertise in developing customized logistics solutions within the supply chain process. Our customers include manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers and other shippers. The QCX Logistics distinction is in our Solution oriented approach. Our role does not end upon developing recommended logistics solutions, but continues throughout the implementation phase to ensure that your success is achieved through quality & prompt service.

A strategic alliance with QCX Logistics enables our clients to improve their own asset utilization by focusing internal resources on their core business objectives, and leveraging the expertise of QCX Logistics on the management of global Logistics objectives.

Partnering with QCX Logistics gives you experience, unique business insight and single source solutions to your most difficult Transportation and logistics challenges. We are confident that the competitive advantage you've been looking for is awaiting you at QCX Logistics.

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