Did you know that one in every five invoices is billed incorrectly?

Discovering incorrect rates, erroneous product classifications, duplicate payments and even simple clerical errors will enable you to recover thousands of dollars in transportation costs. Our expertise in Freight Auditing and Transportation Management will give you the competitive advantage. A strategic alliance with our company will provide that competitive edge allowing your company to concentrate on its core business. Our freight audit program is designed to prevent and recover overpayment issued to freight suppliers.

Freight Auditing is ideal for shippers or consignees of any kind of freight including retail, manufacturing or distribution. Our audit team ensures the accuracy of freight payment to all vendors by reviewing all internal Traffic related Accounts Payable functions. In your business you may have complex and time consuming issues to handle. We can assist you in minimizing the administrative process that dominates your valued time. We can handle the functions that may result in wrong payments, payments for services not rendered, or even duplicate payments. We will eliminate these problems for you. Choose from our Freight Audit services. From Pre-Auditing, Post Auditing, Freight Payment, Tariff Negotiation, Management Reporting, Routing Charge backs and Claim Services, we will be there for you. With our experience team in your corner you will work less, save more money, maintain a database with historical logistics information ideal for costs analysis and carrier negotiations.

Freight Auditing Services

Post Audit Program
Post Audit is a systematic review of paid freight bills and/or vendor invoices by our experienced auditors. Discovering incorrect rates, Erroneous product classifications, duplicate payments and clerical error enable our team to recover thousands of lost dollars. Our Post Audit program has recovered thousands of dollars in errors for our Post Audit customers.
Find errors of overpayment
Provide reports to the customer for all claims filed Issue payment instructions for refunds to be made payable to customer from carrier Collect Recoveries (refunds or credit memos) which are divided between the customer and our company Customer keeps 50% of whatever is collected and remits balance of 50% to our company.
Pre-Audit Program
Carrier overcharges are identified and reduced immediately prior to payment. We minimize the paperwork and present to you with a weekly summary of all freight transactions that are to be paid to the contracted carrier. Our freight bill processing system revolves around the original freight invoice received from the customer or carrier and then processed according to specific customer requirements and needs. If the freight bill does not meet your specifications, it is not paid until approved. Freight bills are checked to prevent duplicate payment. Clients typically realize 6 to 10% or more in audited savings annually. Audit system auto-rates all of your invoices We save you money and give you information you can use.
Weekly Proof of Input Report
Our team will send all freight bills back to you with a Proof of Input Report at the end of each week. Your bills will be organized by Carrier and Pro bill number sequence. We will send to you weekly freight bill files via email. If all information is correct you will then forward payment to our office. We will then allocate payment to appropriate carriers. Proof of Payment Report After we receive payment from our clients, a Proof of Payment Report is printed. On this report it shows the carrier, pro bill number, amount, cheque number, date and any other information you may request.
Custom Reporting
Since each client's needs are different it is important not only to retain the information you desire from your freight bills, but also to present it in the format which best meets your needs. Our system can generate any type of reporting that you would require. We can provide you monthly reports showing the current month along with year-to-date information, all customized to your specifications. These are useful when negotiating rates with your carriers and when determining your exact freight cost. All of our reports can help assist your management team in making sound business decisions.
Pricing Plan
We are currently offering our manual Freight Bill Auditing - Processing - Payment Service along with 3 different Monthly Reports Included in this pricing we will capture the following items off each freight bill: Carrier Name - Pro/Freight Bill Number – Billed Amount - Net Amount - Weight - Shipper/Consignee - City - State - Account Number - Bill of Lading Number or PO Number.
Customized Payment Plans
We allow all of our customers to design the payment plan that meets their needs. These plans range from escrow accounts to having you keep all check printing in-house. What do I need to file? All pricing agreements (tariff pages, contracts and quotations) Bill of lading, carrier invoices and any other documents supporting claim How far back can I file? Trucking: 180 days from date of freight bill Air Cargo: 6 months from date of delivery Rail: 3 years from date of delivery.

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